The series of FIAC piston compressors with belt transmission from 2 to 20 HP are equipped with the powerful and reliable two-cylinder, single stage and two stage AB compressor units, already lubricated with oil; their main characteristics are as follows:

– High performance at low running speeds.

– Cast iron cylinders.

– Reduced vibrations, which also reduces the noise level.

– Total absence of oil leaks thanks to the special constructional shape of the single-piece casing

patented by FIAC.

– Oil level inspection glass.

– Synthetic oil to ensure improved lubrication of moving parts

– Balanced sizing of the pumping unit, electric motor and capacity of the tank.

– Epoxy powder painting to guarantee perfect and lasting wear. The version denominated CCS (Controlled Cooling System) equipped with single stage AB units of 2 and 3 HP exploits a forced cooling system that FIAC has patented. The front dent-proof casing has been especially designed to convey all the cooling air to parts that are usually hotter, such as the cylinder, valve plates and head. The electric motor with forward/backward oscillation system, has been studied and built to run continuously and is equipped with a large co-axial fan that cools both the pumping unit and the motor itself. A steel spring automatically keeps the transmission belt perfectly tensioned at all times.